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How to Innovate Faster with NI Embedded Systems 4 part Webinar Series

This four-part interactive webcast series analyzes the challenges embedded system designers are facing in the era of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the solutions they can leverage to develop smarter machines and stay ahead of the competition.

Dates Covered

21 and 22 February 2017


9am SGT/ 12nn AEDT
11am SGT/ 2pm AEDT



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Simplify System Design with the Embedded Platform

21 February 2017, 9am SGT/ 12nn AEDT

Designing control, monitoring and I/O systems for industrial machinery and advanced equipment is no small task. Design teams must deliver profitable and differentiated products while meeting stringent technical requirements and tight schedules. At this session, learn how you can improve the way you design and deploy advanced control and monitoring systems for the Industrial Internet of Things by taking advantage of the unrivaled performance and flexibility of the NI Embedded platform.

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Asset Management with Industrial IoT Technologies

21 February 2017, 11am SGT/ 2pm AEDT

Condition monitoring is necessary in today’s fast-evolving global economy for companies that rely on assets as they face increased reliability concerns. Using data to drive a predictive maintenance program to achieve the optimal balance of plant safety, reliability, and financial returns helps alleviate risks and can lead to a significant return on investment. At this session, learn about the benefits of condition monitoring and how NI InsightCM, a deployment-ready software solution for online condition monitoring applications, help to achieve a cost effective solution.

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Beyond Inspection: Bringing Vision into the Control Loop

22 February 2017, 9am SGT/ 12nn AEDT

Vision plays a key role in quality control, traceability, and alignment for many applications. The motion control and measurement systems in these applications often share and synchronize visual data. With the unrivaled performance and integration capabilities of CompactRIO, you can combine machine vision and motion control subsystems within the same controller to improve performance and simplify overall system complexity. At this session, learn about the unique capabilities of the CompactRIO platform for vision applications.

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Smart Machines: Embedded Control and Monitoring Tools Make the Next Generation of Manufacturing Equipment a Reality

22 February 2017, 11am SGT/ 2pm AEDT

In an effort to build smarter machines and manufacturing equipment, OEM machine builders improve their control architectures with embedded systems that help them implement advanced control and monitoring tasks. This webcast provides insight into the challenges machine builders face today and demonstrates proven methods and solutions that help innovative machine builders get ahead of the competition. You can see the impact graphical system design and customizable off-the-shelf hardware have on design process and success. You can also learn how embedded control and monitoring systems help builders understand differentiated machines without leaving their comfort zone.

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