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New Products

LabVIEW 2016

The LabVIEW 2016 software provides you the tools to focus on the problem you need to solve, with new features to simplify your development. With channel wires—the latest innovation in data communication— you can pass data between loops with a single wire, no queues required. Harness all the memory of your OS when developing and debugging applications with five add-ons now supported with LabVIEW 64-bit. Use the right tool for the right job with more than 500 new instrument control drivers and increased integration with open-source platforms, such as Linux and Eclipse. 

World’s First 1 GHz Bandwidth Vector Signal Transceiver

NI’s second-generation PXI Vector Signal Transceiver (VST)offers 1 GHz of instantaneous RF bandwidth for signal generation and analysis. The PXIe-5840 VST combines a 6.5 GHz RF vector signal generator, 6.5 GHz vector signal analyzer, user-programmable Virtex-7 690T FPGA, and high-speed serial interface into a single 2-slot PXI module.Built on the LabVIEW reconfigurable I/O (RIO)architecture, it delivers programming flexibility andcutting-edge RF hardware to help you meet the most challenging RF applications. 

VirtualBench: 5 Benchtop Instruments. 1 Unified Interface.

VirtualBench combines a mixed-signal oscilloscope, a function generator, a digital multimeter, a DC power supply, and digital I/O into a single device that integrates with your PC or iPad.

CompactRIO Embedded Control Systems – Now with WiFi

Improve the way you design and deploy embedded control and monitoring systems for the Industrial Internet of Things with the endless capabilities and unrivaled performance of the CompactRIO platform. New embedded controllers with dual-band, 802.11 wireless communication capabilities connect directly to your WiFi infrastructure to help you to easily monitor systems where running cables is difficult or expensive.

NI ELVIS RIO Control Module

The NI ELVIS RIO Control Module adds an industry-leading,real-time embedded processor and FPGA architecture to instrumentation powering NI’s most complete hands-on learning solution for power systems, machine control,hardware in the loop and mechatronics design.