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Key Dates and Milestones



Key Dates

November 2011: Introduce the competition and open applications for 2012 competition.

16th March (2012): Applications due.

23rd March: Teams finalised (limit of two teams per university)

30th March: Competition begins. Detailed competition requirements and development kits provided to all competing teams, and training schedule with NI mentor defined.

30th April: Milestone 1 (week 6)

31st May: Milestone 2 (week 10)

23rd July: Milestone 3 (week 18)

21st August: Milestone 4 (week 23)

21st September: National Final – Live Competition (week 27)


Milestone 1: (30th April)

Requirement: Project proposal and demonstration using CompactRIO kit and LabVIEW

Demonstrate: Control at least one motor and acquire from at least one sensor.

Milestone 2: (31st May)

Requirement: Preliminary design and prototype with obstacle avoidance implemented.

Demonstrate: Create a prototype that moves forward avoiding obstacle (may include localisation).

Milstone 3: (23rd July)

Requirement: Final design and demonstration of navigation/localisation.

Demonstrate: Move from location A to location B possibly avoiding obstacles.

Milestone 4: (21st August) Needed to Qualify for Finals.

Requirement: Object handling, navigation and obstacle avoidance.

Demonstrate: Move from location A to location B avoiding obstacles. Pick up object(s) and drop it at location C.


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