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Be Part of the 2017 NI Autonomous Robotics Competion!


Team applications have now closed. Thank you for your interest in the 2017 NI ARC. 

What does the competition involve?

Navigation – using certain track features or landmarks within the track, the robot must navigate its way to its destination. Using known coordinates of landmarks, the robot must use localisation techniques to plan the best course to take.

Spatial Awareness – the robot must be aware of its surroundings in order to avoid unwanted situations. It must be able to detect, differentiate and avoid or interact with objects.

Efficiency – be able to complete the given task, with the above points in mind, most efficiently and timely.

Strategy – employ an effective strategy to gain the most points, based on the robot design. There are multiple considerations to gain points, including, speed, task difficulty, bonus tasks etc.



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