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Test and Measurement Instruments Fundamental Webcast Series

Increasing device complexity and technology convergence are driving test systems to become more flexible, while cost pressures are demanding longer system lifetimes. A software-defined, modular architecture is the only way to accomplish these objectives. Modular instruments deliver flexible, software-defined solutions for complex measurement challenges, from DC to microwave frequencies.

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Advanced Measurements using Digital Multimeters

Digital Multimeters (DMMs) are widely used instrumentation in nearly all electrically based applications. These acquisition devices are specialized in taking flexible, accurate and precise measurements. In this session, understand the architecture underlying Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and also how to interface them to computer for automated measurements using LabVIEW and the NI-DMM function palette.

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Oscilloscopes: Fundamentals & Best Practices

Oscilloscopes/Digitizers, used to observe continuously varying signal voltages over time, are one of the most common instruments in use today. This session will introduce you to the fundamental concepts and terminologies associated with oscilloscopes and digitizers and also introduce you to the best practices associated with performing measurements with oscilloscopes.

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Signal Generator Architectures & Features 

The Signal generators can generate simple sine and clock signals or complex I/Q modulated communications waveforms. Attend this webcast to understand the basic architecture of Signal generators and some of the features that are present in National Instruments Signal Generators that can improve your prototyping and test systems with the world-class generation performance and higher system throughput.

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Programmable Switches

Programmable Switches, Relays & Resistors for better Signal Management

Many test and measurement applications involve hundreds of signals that need to be measured and managed. Attend this live webcast to learn the basic of signal routing and switching and how you can use the Programmable switches, relays and resistors from National Instruments to manage signals and increase the performance and throughput of your system.

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