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Military and Aerospace Webcast

Aerospace and Defence Webcast

Learn about using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology as you walk through the most advanced technologies for applications in aerospace and defence during this three-part webcast series. The key goals haven’t changed: protect and equip those entrusted with the mission the best way possible, counter the evolving threats, and do this within the constraints of a challenging economy. What does change is the technology to help you achieve those goals. Whether you are looking for innovative approaches to quickly prototype a new design, improve your component and systems testing, or ensure system uptime and readiness, better awareness of the latest technologies can help you deliver solutions with greater performance and reduced costs.


Redefining RF and Microwave Instruments
NI is redefining RF and microwave instrumentation with an open software and modular hardware approach that achieves industry-leading speed, accuracy, and flexibility. Static traditional instruments quickly become obsolete, but NI uses rapidly advancing COTS technologies, including the NI LabVIEW graphical system design environment and NI PXI hardware, to put the latest PC buses, processors, and FPGAs at your fingertips and help you meet today's most complex aerospace and defence challenges.

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Characterize and Test RADAR Pulses
Walk through the design and test of a complete RADAR system. Discover how to generate and accurately analyze low-phase noise RADAR pulses. Examine in detail common pulses like CW, narrowband, and wideband FM chirps in the Ku, K, and Ka bands.

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Bridging Design and Test in Military Communications
Despite predicted cutbacks in defense spending, military communications remains a key area of investment. Providing more information to the fighter over large geographical areas such as land, sea, and air is critical. Learn how you can use NI software defined radio (SDR) platforms, based on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology, and an integrated software toolchain, featuring high levels of abstraction, in the design, prototyping, and test of military communications systems to shorten development cycles and reduce costs.

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