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Engineering Education Webcast Series


As technology continues to rapidly advance and the world becomes more interconnected, future engineers need to be industry-ready to address tomorrow’s challenges. In this complimentary 4-part webinar series, attendees will explore the latest innovative technologies and comprehensive teaching solutions for Electronics, Measurements & Instrumentation, Controls, Mechatronics and Communications. These solutions are rooted on industry-based platforms, that can incorporate practical, hands-on learning experiences into the curriculums, and equip their students with the skills to succeed in research or industry.


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Creating an Engaging & Effective Learning Experience in Controls and Mechatronics

Mechatronics and Control Systems are ubiquitous, from industrial applications like the Tesla’s electric Cars’ battery management, Airbus’ Factory of the Future or the flight control of SpaceX rockets, to end user applications like medical devices and smartphones.  We believe that the best way to create capable engineers of tomorrow is to enrich their learning experience, with hands-on control design and system integration lessons reinforcing theoretical concepts as they are taught, naturally bridging the gap from education to practice. This webcast introduces you to the teaching solutions available for Controls and Mechatronics Engineering.

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Enhancing Wireless & Digital Communications Education Through Hands-on Labs With SDR

Wireless Communications plays a key role in creating applications like Massive MIMO, mmWave, and Internet of Things (IoT) powered by 5G. Join this webcast to understand the ecosystem of teaching solutions help students explore the fundamentals of signals and systems, Analog and Digital Modulation, radio transceiver design with Software Defined Radio (SDR) hardware identical to those used in industry and world-leading research.

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Enhancing Circuits & Electronics Education from Theory to Lab Investigation

Circuits and Electronics is fundamental and critical to any engineering discipline. Discover how you can give immediate access to simulation and experimentation with lab hardware and portable student devices that seamlessly bridge the gap between theory and practice while exposing students to relevant industry tools. Explore the available resources like textbooks, homework problems, laboratory companions as well as multimedia content, all tied together with simulation software and measurement devices for both classroom and homework assignments.

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Experience Next Generation Instrumentation for Today's Teaching Lab

User Interfaces have evolved together with technology advancements and this evolution has created the ability to simplify the experience, add more capability at the same time keep the instrument compact. But today’s benchtop instruments like Oscilloscopes, DMMs, Function Generators etc. have largely remained unchanged and do not meet the expectations of engineers or end users or students as well. In this webcast, meet the modern software-based instruments with intuitive user interfaces and customizable capabilities that take advantage of latest PCs and mobile devices.

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