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Best Practices for Building an Automated Test System Webcast Series 2016

Increasing device complexity and technology convergence are driving test systems to become more flexible, while cost pressures are demanding longer system lifetimes. A software-defined, modular architecture is the only way to accomplish these objectives. Modular instruments deliver flexible, software-defined solutions for complex measurement challenges, from DC to microwave frequencies.

This four-part, interactive webcast series covers the basics and the recommended process for building test systems from start to finish. Attend this live webcast series to learn test engineer best practices that range from software, instruments, and switch selection to maintenance and deployment strategies.

This series is intended for test engineers, technicians, and managers who are looking to improve the throughput and lower the cost of test applications.

Choosing Rack Type, Rack Size, and a Power Distribution

 Review best practices in choosing a rack type and size and selecting a power distribution unit to maximize your long-term investment.

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Identifying the Hardware Platform for Measurement Needs

 Learn how to scope your system using the measurement requirements for your device(s) under test. From these requirements, evaluate the best test platform to serve as the core of your system to accommodate current and future instrumentation needs.

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Selecting the Right Development Environment

Software, or the application development environments (ADEs) play a critical, visible role when designing a test system. Explore how to minimize development time by choosing the right ADE that is intuitive and integrates with multiple platforms.

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Considering Switching, Mass Interconnect, and Fixturing

 Learn about the options for a switching architecture, mass interconnect, and test fixture to efficiently connect your device(s) under test and achieve better throughput from your test system.

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