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RF and Microwave Test, Measurement and Design Technology Roadshow Resources

RF Roadshow
Please click on the links below to access the event presentations and additional resources discussed during the seminar.  If you have any questions or would like to get in contact with an NI Technical Consultant, please feel free to get in contact with us through the details we have provided below. 
Session Title

Introduction - Revolutionising RF and Microwave Test, Measurement and Design with a Modular Approach.

Learn about the advantages and capabilities of building RF systems using a modular software-defined architecture that gives you the ability to select individual RF instruments and build a custom system with a new level of flexibility and performance.


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Advanced Technologies for RF Record, Playback & MIMO Applications

As test and measurement requirements continue to increase in complexity, new instrumentation paradigms are required. With the architectural design of PXI systems, these instruments can create a wide range of embedded applications. Learn how advanced PXI technologies such as data streaming make it possible to record and playback signals both to and from disk. This session also looks at the PXI platform in detail, how it harvests FPGA’s, tight synchronisation and streaming technologies and how RF and microwave instrumentation is being redefined with an approach that achieves industry-leading speed, accuracy and flexibility.


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Design Flow with AWR Microwave Office

This presentation gives an overview of AWR’s unique integrated RF and microwave design flow as well as AWR's product range and its key features. Demonstrations will outline the use model of a typical RF design flow while displaying the use of AWR’s products.


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Advanced VNA Measurements

The vector network analyser (VNA) has become the instrument of choice for many RF measurements due to its exceptional accuracy and flexibility. They are powerful instruments that, when properly used, provide unparalleled accuracy. With the introduction of the NI PXIe-5632 Vector Network Analyser (VNA) for example, engineers and scientists can now include network analysis in design validation and production lines without the high cost or large footprint of traditional network analyzers. During this session, we will explore the architecture of the latest VNAs, their software environment, SOLT Techniques, measurements made by VNAs and some of the more advanced features and capabilities available


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Linking RF Design, Simulation and Test for Radar Applications

Modern radar system analysis needs to account for both the performance of the electronic system as well as modeling the target in its environment. Many modulation types are available to the radar system designer such as short pulse, long pulse, ICWFM, short and long pulse Chirp. Each modulation type is associated with different radar modes, for example short range target tracking, track while scan, target illumination, etc. This presentation will outline the use of the integrated NI and AWR solution for measurements in the design flow, including AWR’s Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) and its Radar Library.


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Introduction to Spectrum Monitoring Receivers

Spectrum monitoring receivers are unique signal analyzers designed to capture off-the-air signals and demodulate them.  In this session, you'll learn about how spectrum monitoring receivers are able to separate a signal of interest from high-power interferers using pre-selection and IF-roofing filters.  In addition, you'll learn about how FPGA-based technology can be used to real-time signal processing and demodulation.


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What’s New in Microwave Office V11

During this session, AWR will show features of the upcoming V11 release of the AWR Design Environment™. It examines how the new release helps users to improve design accuracy, increase their own productivity and therefore reduce time to market. Demonstrations will cover the use model of AWR’s newest product addition, the 3D finite element method electromagnetic solver named Analyst.


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