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Control & Monitoring Technology Roadshow 2012: Agenda

ECM roadshow 

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Keynote: Driving Productivity and Innovation with Graphical System Design

National Instruments is committed to empowering the scientists and engineers of today with tools that will drive the innovations and discoveries of tomorrow.  At the cornerstone of this commitment is NI graphical system design, which accelerates productivity and delivers a complete hardware and software toolchain for developing advanced embedded monitoring and control applications.  The event will begin with a glimpse into NI graphical system design and the latest technologies, such as FPGAs, that are impacting next generation embedded designs.


Save Money and Decrease Downtime with Monitoring of Your Machinery, Vehicles and Equipment

A condition monitoring system minimises unscheduled outages, optimises machine performance and reduces the repair time and maintenance costs of your equipment. In this session, you can learn about recent industry trends, the benefits of implementing condition monitoring and the latest technology designed to make your system more effective. Vehicle and equipment monitoring also helps you get the most out of your trains, ships, and heavy equipment by optimizing fleet performance and appropriately scheduling maintenance rotations. In this session, you can learn about recent trends in the industry and how a minimum investment in condition monitoring can save you money and increase the lifetime of your equipment.

10:20 Break

Strategies for Designing Modern Machine Control Systems

Higher throughput, reduced operating cost, improved productivity and increased uptime are important factors in the machine industry. In this session, you can learn how graphical system design and the adoption of modern embedded control and monitoring systems help machine builders meet these requirements and increase the productivity of their design teams.


Cost Savings and Efficiency through Power Quality Monitoring

It’s easy to overlook power quality, but with the amount of energy that today’s facilities and large machines consume, it presents a good opportunity for cost reduction. This session covers how to take accurate measurements and do analysis for monitoring power usage, stability and quality. Specific applications are presented where understanding power quality helps manage energy efficiency and savings.

12:00 Conclusion

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