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LabVIEW User Groups

Build Code. Form Communities. Improve Your Skills

Expand your LabVIEW software knowledge through technical presentations, product demonstrations, and moderated sessions with software experts.

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We are pleased announce the scheduling of a LabVIEW User Group at our 2016 LabVIEW Developer Days.


LabVIEW User Groups are organizations of people who regularly meet and share their common interest in LabVIEW. Members include technicians, test engineers, university professors, computer scientists, and people from countless other professions, and provide the opportunity for face-to-face interactions with other LabVIEW developers, and for you to grow your LabVIEW expertise.

With such a strong user community and continued interest from local developers in establishing regular User Groups, LabVIEW Developer Days will be the ideal venue to play host to a local User Group meeting.

To register your interest email:


Would you be interested in presenting? If so, please provide a presentation title and brief abstract (maximum 100 words).


Are there any other topics would you be interested in having on the agenda? These could be presented by an NI engineer or another local developer.

We hope to see you at the 2016 LabVIEW Developer Days, and the LabVIEW User Group.

Learn more about User Groups, click here.

Users of all levels benefit from the opportunities that user groups offer:

  •     Learn from Each Other
  •     Create a Local Network
  •     Become a Focal Point in the Community
  •     Meet Similar People
  •     Enhance Your Skills
  •     Become a Local
  •     Round out Your Leadership Skills

Learn more about the benefits of User Groups: