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FREE Onsite Technical Consultations

National Instruments Australia now offers FREE Onsite Technical Consultations

National Instruments Oceania offers FREE onsite technical consultations with field engineers who are experts in understanding measurement and automation applications. Our field engineers have an in-depth knowledge of National Instruments products,industry demands and extensive real world experience. They can show you how to configure a system using NI tools to provide a customized instrumentation solution to meet your requirements.


11 Problems NI can solve via an onsite consultation:

1. Integration of numerous measurement systems from several vendors

2. Collection of data- you have collected a lot of data and want to know how to analyze this data to get some meaningful results

3. The issue of noisy data

4. Lousy user interfaces- learn about software that is easy to use, flexible yet powerful, and will provide you with an excellent user interface

5. Report generation- You are spending a lot of time generating reports manually and need an easy, fast and powerful way of reporting test results

6. Integrating different measurements from temperature to vibration

7. Developing automated test equipment

8. The right choice in terms of oscilloscopes, DMM, RF Signal Analyzers, waveform editors and generator switches

9. Options in terms of high speed data acquisition systems which are easy to build and low in cost

10. Manual inspection- you are still dealing with the slow and cumbersome process of manual inspection and require an automated process

11. Utilising computer based measurement tools to ameliorate teaching of engineering courses

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