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Academic Days

Academic Days

NI Academic Days

Join fellow researchers, professors, and post-graduate students at NI LabVIEW Academic Days as we explore how graphical system design tools are being used for multidisciplinary teaching and research applications.

Discover development, programming and teaching techniques, and network with colleagues and professionals as National Instruments application experts and guest presenters showcase the latest tools and best practices in engineering education and research.

Make better use of the engineering tools available to you on campus, and see how you can use LabVIEW and a graphical systems design approach for advanced teaching and research in applications ranging from complex math and RF to signal processing and robotics.

Each event will also feature guest presentations from leading academic staff and post-graduate students exploring how they have used a graphical system design approach for their projects.


Dates and Locations
Location Date Host Printer Friendly Invitation
Melbourne 9 July 2013 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Event Invitation Register Now
Sydney 11 July 2013 University of New South Wales Event Invitation Register Now


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Speakers Include:
Dr. Jeannie Falcon, Chief Engineer, Control and Simulation, National Instruments

Jeannie FalconDr. Jeannie Sullivan Falcon is a chief engineer for control and simulation at National lnstruments. She leads technical marketing efforts in the use of LabVIEW for design and also works on product strategy. Dr. Falcon joined Nl in 2000 as a group manager for motion control R&D and has also served as a hardware product strategist.

In addition to her work at NI, she is a lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin in both the mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering departments. She received her bachelor's degree in Physics from Carnegie Melon University and holds her master's and doctoral degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusettes Institute of Technology.


Warren Nageswaran – Manager, Educational Technologies and Learning Design, Academic Development Group, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Dr. Mohit Shivdasani, Research Fellow & Biomedical Engineer , Bionics Institute



Paul Brendan Matteucci, Research Associate with the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, University of New South Wales



8:30am Registration

Introduction to National Instruments and Graphical System Design for Teaching and Research in Australia and New Zealand

NI LabVIEW is being used at every University across Australia and New Zealand. Hear how National Instruments is working with the global academic community to help tackle challenges of unprecedented scope ranging from pioneering research in biotechnology and sustainable energy to robotics and developing new ways to deliver fundamental needs.


 Introduction to the LabVIEW Platform and Integration with your measurements

Learn how LabVIEW and graphical system design can be integrated with measurements from a diverse array of multi-disciplinary academic applications including measurements, signal and image processing, RF and Communications, and embedded systems.

10:10am  Case Study (Teaching)
10:25am  Morning Tea

LabVIEW for Signal Processing and Mathematics

This session will show you how to use an integrated software and hardware platform for real time textual math, signal processing and control. Take the .m files you have developed and easily deploy your code to real time hardware without extra code generation steps. You will be able to set up the .m files to run in parallel and also add custom user interfaces and decision making. Hardware options include data acquisition for desktop applications, such as compactDAQ and real time control and monitoring hardware for embedded applications.


 LabVIEW for Robotics

During this session, explore innovative approaches and case studies for robotics applications in teaching and research from around the world.

12:15pm Short break
12:35pm Case Study (Research)

Dynamic System Simulation, Prototyping, and Deployment with an Integrated Software and Hardware Platform

Use an open software and hardware platform for control system design, simulation,prototyping and real time implementation. You can use both classical and state-space approaches to design controllers and estimators. Nonlinear and adaptive control tools are available as well. This sesssion will include several simulation and real time control demonstrations running on CompactRIO embedded hardware.

1:45pm  Conclusion


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